Featured May Events: The Legendary Bosman Twins, Sarah Partridge, Slim Gambill & The Second Guesses | The Velvet Note

Featured Events | May 8, 2023

Featured May Events: The Legendary Bosman Twins, Sarah Partridge, Slim Gambill & The Second Guesses

The Bosman Twins

Dwayne and Dwight Bosman are twin brothers who are both accomplished saxophonists. They were born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and were exposed to the city’s rich musical heritage from an early age. They began playing the saxophone in their teenage years, and quickly developed a deep love and respect for the instrument.

Dwayne Bosman is primarily a tenor saxophonist, and is known for his powerful, soulful sound. He has performed with a wide variety of jazz, R&B, and gospel artists, and is also an experienced session musician and recording artist.

Dwight Bosman, on the other hand, is primarily an alto saxophonist, and is known for his lightning-fast runs and intricate improvisations. He has collaborated with a range of jazz and funk musicians, and is also an accomplished composer and arranger.

Together, the Bosman brothers have performed as a duo and as part of larger ensembles, and have recorded several albums of their own. They are deeply committed to the jazz tradition, and continue to explore and expand the boundaries of the genre through their innovative and dynamic performances.

The Bosman Twins perform at the Velvet Note on Saturday, May 13th and Sunday, May 14th.

Sarah Partridge

Sarah Partridge is a jazz vocalist based in New York City. With a rich, soulful voice and a deep appreciation for the jazz tradition, Partridge has become known for her compelling interpretations of jazz standards and original compositions. She began her musical career as a classical singer, studying at the Manhattan School of Music, but eventually found her true calling in the world of jazz.

Partridge has released several critically acclaimed albums, including “Bright Lights & Promises: Redefining Janis Ian” (2017), which pays tribute to the iconic singer-songwriter, and “I Never Thought I’d Be Here” (2019), which features her own original compositions. She has also collaborated with some of the top names in jazz, including pianist Allen Farnham and saxophonist Houston Person.

In addition to her work as a performer, Partridge is also an educator and vocal coach, and has taught at institutions such as The New School and The Juilliard School. She is deeply committed to preserving and promoting the jazz tradition, and is widely regarded as one of the most exciting and dynamic vocalists on the contemporary jazz scene.

Sarah Partridge performs at the Velvet Note on Saturday, May 20th.

Slim Gambill & The Second Guesses

Slim Gambill is a Nashville-based guitarist and singer-songwriter known for his virtuosic musicianship and innovative approach to blending musical styles. Gambill got his start as a session musician, playing guitar on records for a variety of country, pop, and rock artists before transitioning to a career as a recording artist and performer.

Gambill has released several singles and EPs, including “Under the Influence” (2018) and “Ain’t My City” (2020), which showcase his unique blend of traditional country and modern rock influences. He is also known for his dynamic live performances, which feature his impressive guitar skills and infectious stage presence.

Slim Gambill & The Second Guesses perform at the Velvet Note on Saturday, May 27th.

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