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Featured Events | March 7, 2024

A Grand Slam Evening: Matt Kaminski and Jazz Quartet at The Velvet Note

This Friday, March 8th, The Velvet Note jazz club is proud to present an unparalleled musical experience that promises to be a grand slam for jazz and baseball fans alike. We’re excited to host Matt Kaminski, the renowned organist for the Atlanta Braves, for a special, baseball-themed evening that will meld the worlds of America’s favorite pastime with the timeless elegance of jazz music.

Batter Up for Jazz

Matt Kaminski is not just any musician; he’s a cultural icon at the crossroads of sports and music. Known for his innovative approach to game-day entertainment, Matt brings the energy of a packed stadium to the intimate setting of our jazz club. On this unique night, he will share stories from his career, play beloved charges, crowd prompts, walkups, and full batting practice tunes—all reimagined through the sophisticated lens of jazz with the help of his talented quartet.

More Than Just a Game

The event, aptly titled “A Grand Slam Evening,” goes beyond mere musical performance. It’s a deep dive into how music influences and enhances the baseball experience, creating an emotional connection between the players and the fans. Attendees will get an insider’s look at how Matt selects and plays music that not only entertains but also strategically influences the game’s atmosphere.

The Lineup

Matt’s quartet is composed of some of the finest musicians in the jazz world, ready to bring their A-game to The Velvet Note’s stage. Together, they will explore the intersection of jazz improvisation and the rhythmic patterns of baseball, creating a performance that is as thrilling as a bottom-of-the-ninth, bases-loaded scenario.

Step Up to the Plate

“The Velvet Note is thrilled to offer our audience this once-in-a-lifetime event,” says the club’s owner. “Matt Kaminski’s ability to blend the excitement of baseball with the sophistication of jazz is something truly special. We invite everyone—die-hard Braves fans, jazz aficionados, and those simply in search of a unique night out—to join us.”

Ticket Information

Tickets for “A Grand Slam Evening” are now available but expected to sell out quickly. This event is a rare opportunity to experience the creativity and charm of Matt Kaminski up close, in the cozy and acoustically perfect setting of The Velvet Note.

Doors open at 6:00 PM, with the first pitch—so to speak—at 7:30 PM. Attendees can also enjoy a menu of exquisite food and drinks, curated to complement the evening’s theme.

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