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Uncategorized | April 27, 2016

Prince: Reflecting on his Life as we Reflect on Marriage

Prince12By Socrotiff Michael

This post is dedicated to Prince, the music icon who left this earth earlier this week and who will be missed by millions of people around the globe. As we explore his life and his music, there is much a married couple can learn. Prince had a style that was timeless, he stayed true to who he was, and he left a legacy that will be remembered for many years to come.  This model is one that can also be exemplified in marriages.


Prince was a timeless artist; a musician that was, many have said, before his time.  He sang about 1999 in the 80’s during a time when it seemed so far away and made us excited to see the year 1999. We can create Prince14timelessness in our marriage by continuing to give our best to our spouses, to dedicate ourselves to being the best version of ourselves in your marriage.  In your marriage be timeless, keep your spouse excited by continuing to challenge yourself, whether this is earning a new degree, taking up a cooking class, or learning a new language, keep them guessing and giving them the best of you.  Never allow yourself to be so routine in your marriage that it becomes boring and predictable, allow yourself to step outside of the box once in a while and shock both yourself and your spouse!

What works for you? – Now do that! “To thine own self be true”

Prince25Prince lived his life based upon what worked for him, not what worked for anyone else, he stayed true to himself.  How are you and your spouse in your marriage? If you take an inventory of your marriage, can you honestly say you are staying true to the spirit of your marriage? Are you looking at your neighbor’s marriage and trying to compare your marriage to theirs? Or feel compelled to match what their marriage is doing? If you are – don’t! Embrace the ability and the beauty of your marriage and create a relationship based upon where you are, not where someone else is.  Understanding that, your marriage is completely unique to you both is the beginning of freedom to accept your relationship for what it is.  There is no perfect blueprint to fit all marriages, but you can create your own specific relationship that fits you.  I challenge you and your spouse today, to make your marriage your own.  Give yourself permission to be different and fully celebrate all that makes you different.


Prince leaves a rich legacy. He will be remembered as an accomplished musical genius who achieved countless awards for his music.  Have you Prince37thought about the legacy you will leave when your life is over?  What type of spouse do you want to be known for?  A loving spouse, a moody spouse, a spouse who took good care of his or her family?  A spouse who worked to provide and gave all he had to all he knew? A spouse who was angry, selfish, or a spouse who never made time for their partner?  The great thing about life, is even if you are living a life today that you are not proud of, you have an opportunity to change. If you are not the spouse you want to be in your marriage, you have another opportunity to change, starting today. Your legacy will not just be one thing; it can be many.  You can change and become more intentional with creating a legacy that will make you and your family proud.

Words of Wisdom: Hey! look around, there is always something we can learn about marriages in this life!

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