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Uncategorized | February 12, 2013

High Praise From St. Ives Country Club Newsletter

The Velvet Note provides an exceptional evening of entertainment and fine food which takes you on an incredible journey you would not expect in Alpharetta!

The Velvet Note is an acoustic “…Living Room” where you can enjoy nationally-recognized and acclaimed artists as well as the best musicians in Atlanta. The sound is amazing because the “living room” was designed by musicians to provide the purest vocal and instrumental reception available to a live audience.

Fridays feature acoustic artists showcasing rock, folk, country and independent music. Saturdays you will enjoy sensational styles of Jazz and Blues, both vocal and instrumental.

The Velvet Note feels like an intimate private living room which features comfy, cozy sofas and chairs so you can be up close and personal with the artists, I was actually able to chat with the lead singer and piano player before the performance. The dining tables are also close and personal so definitely plan on making new friends! We were lucky enough to be joined by Karla Harris who is a very lovely person and will be performing at The Velvet Note in March.

Fridays and Saturdays feature a 7:00 performance and a 9:00 performance and both are sold out weeks before so make sure you make your reservations early. As you are captivated by the talented artists you can enjoy from a select list of wines and ales throughout the evening. You may also choose to add a wonderful dinner to enjoy throughout the show. The menu changes weekly and the chef specializes in creating the perfect bite– the most flavorful, intense mouthful of your favorite seasonal creations. Their objective is to serve a perfect blend of fun and food to enhance your total evening experience.

If you want something light and refreshing I would suggest the “Meat and Cheese Tasting Plate”. We started with assorted Artisinal cheeses from around the world and which featured Goat cheese, sharp white cheddar and a wonderful Buffalo mozzarella. It was accompanied by shaved honey ham, prosciutto and accented with sun dried tomatoes, grapes, blackberries, & strawberries.

The “Spinach and Spring Salad” was chopped for easy eating and was topped with goat cheese with red onions, spiced walnuts, pine nuts and a very light raspberry vinaigrette dressing. I really enjoyed the flavors.
The Velvet Note only offers 4 entrées each evening so the chef can focus on providing outstanding cuisine in a short amount of time.

First we sampled was the “Beef Short Ribs” The slow braised beef short ribs were very tender & fell apart with my fork however the best part about this dish was the corn pudding. The Poblano Southern corn pudding was definitely the best I have ever tasted. I loved the accents of jalapeno and bacon which gave it a mild yet spicy flavor.

Salmon is my favorite food and their Asian marinated salmon filet was pan seared to perfection in a wonderful light Asian sauce however again the side dish stole the show. The edamame coconut rice was vegetable infused with boiled green soybeans, peas and corn with just a hint of the coconut flavor. It was a wonderful combination.

I am also a big fan of “Crab Cakes” and I was not disappointed. They serve two Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes prepared Maryland-style with just a tiny bit of breading to keep the presentation together. The taste was wonderful! They were served with an arugula micro green salad tossed with fried corn and accompanied with a lovely lemon aioli sauce. The crab cakes are a house favorite and definitely a dish I will order again.

Enjoy an evening of exceptional music while enjoying a cocktail and meeting new friends, with fine dining all at The Velvet Note!

by Rhonda Ziegler

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