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Uncategorized | December 2, 2012

Ask Cory: Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions about Wine

Cory Wills is the Wine Steward and Team Leader at The Velvet Note Acoustic Living Room.  His golden palate has been insured by Lloyds of London for an estimated value of 5.4 million dollars (just kidding, but he really knows his wine!)

Dear Cory:  This is the holiday season and I will be cooking a lot of turkey and ham.  What kind of wine should I buy that will “wow” my houseguests?

There are basically two ways to pair wines with food in order to make the flavors of your meal pop.  The first way is to select a wine that is very different than the flavor of the food and thus brings out flavor through contrast. This is appropriate for lighter dishes such as salads, fish and some chicken.  The second way is to choose a varietal whose characteristics are similar to the food you’re eating.  This is especially the case for richer, sweeter or heavier foods.

Turkey and pork are sweeter meats, and during the holidays, they tend to be eaten with even sweeter dishes such as cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes.  Therefore, for your turkey, I would suggest a Pinot Noir, specifically a French Beaujolais.  For your ham, you’re going to want to stick with a Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel, because ham is a sweeter meat, and you want to choose a bigger, sweeter, juicier, fruity wine to accompany it.

If you have a question regarding wine, send it to [email protected].  Meanwhile, enjoy The Velvet Note’s selection of top rated wines, craft beers and ultra-premium liquors Wednesday-Saturday, 6:00 – Midnight.

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