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Uncategorized | November 18, 2012

A Touch of Praise from a Jazz Historian

Nestled in a quiet corner of Alpharetta just 15 minutes north of the perimeter off 400 resides this cozy little nightspot that brings welcoming audiences an unplugged jazz experience. Intimate in its approach, one is swathed in the tapestry of music emanating from the stage, regardless of where one comfortably rests in this forty-seat room.

Within this construct, owner Tamara Fuller has carefully crafted a wonderful ambiance with light, sound, libation and culinary delights that will excite your senses while assuaging any fear that your encounter will be anything less than your desire.

As one who enjoys seeking life beyond the curve, I was enthralled along with the audience to a powerful and moving set of originals and covers sans ballad last night performed by the Melvin Jones Quintet. This wonderful music was in good company with sumptuos lump crab cakes, a glass of red and a delightful and attentive staff.

I highly recommend making a reservation for this acoustic respite and refresh your mind, body and spirit.

Carl Anthony
Notorious Jazz

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