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Uncategorized | April 16, 2012

What’s In Your CD Player?

We asked Jay Edwards, Host, Jazz of Jazz Tones on Jazz 91.9 WCLK, “What’s in Your CD Player?”

When did you first fall in love with music? I was about 9 or 10 years old and being raised in Catholic School in Harlem. Unfortunately, I was also failing 5th grade math, so my mother sent me to my aunt to be tutored.  My aunt was a jazz lover.  Each day, she would give me a snack, put on some jazz music and then start tutoring.  After the session, I would ask her about the artist.  She played Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald…all the greats.  It was then that I realized that I was in love with music.

What was the first album you purchased? That same year, I saved my money and bought Kind of Blue by Miles Davis.
And what’s in your CD Player right now? Midnight Jazz Affair by Edy Martinez.  He is a Columbian-born composer,
arranger and pianist and he just recently moved to Atlanta from New York City.  When I hear his music, I think of the artists like Tito Puente, Chico O’Farrill or the big Latin band leaders.

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