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Upcoming Artists:

The Daniel Bennett Group

Sunday, August 21st

Daniel Bennett plays quirky modern Jazz, fused with elements of American folk and pop. The Daniel Bennett Group is currently touring, and performing the release of their newest album, "Sinking Houseboat Confusion" at the Velvet Note on Sunday, August 21st.

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The Velvet Note is a beautifully-appointed listening room in Alpharetta, Georgia, showcasing exceptional musical talent, outstanding food, spirits and service, as well as a unique listening space.

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The Velvet Note celebrates southern seafood cuisine, with an emphasis on accessible, yet upscale dining.

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Louis Heriveaux Releases His First CD

Uncategorized | April 11, 2016

WEDNESDAY, April 13th @ The Velvet Note: We must confess, We LOVE Louis Heriveaux! And I mean, LOVE. And we’d be willing to bet that you do too! The quiet humility…the self-effacing giggle…the moment when he stops laughing and gets down to business…his endless generosity in support of others, elevating their music beyond their wildest […]

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