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Virginia Schenck

Friday, August 12th

Virginia Schenck

VirginiaSchenck2Ask V-A how her second album differs from her debut—the acclaimed jazz CD VA from 2012—and she immediately responds that it represents a deeper and richer part of her. “All I really want to do is get closer and closer to the essence of me,” she says. “I feel that if I can share that part of me, there must be those who will resonate with it, too.”

Indeed, the music from the debut album of the Atlanta-based vocalist resonated with listeners all over the world. V-A’s newest project, Interior Notions, is a complex and nuanced record that goes deep into her being.

Her take on the jazz standard “Nature Boy”—covered by artists ranging from Sinatra to Miles to Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga— is a prime example. V-A takes the Nate “King” Cole classic places it’s never gone before with a full free improv treatment that, at 15 minutes, is longer than even Coltrane’s version. The song opens with V-A’s free-style vocal sounds backed mostly by drummer Marlon Patton. When Kevin Spears chimes in on the kalimba, the track suddenly veers from wordless improv into the familiar melody of “Nature Boy.”

We are privileged to welcome the musicians from Interior Notions to the stage in what will be a stunning performance— Kevin Bales on piano, GRAMMY-winner Rodney Jordan on bass, and Marlon Patton on drums.  

Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm       Admission:  $24.

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