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Velvet Voices

A thought-provoking series of presentations by authors, historians and spoken-word artists.

Spoken word is becoming increasingly popular, and The Velvet Note provides an opportunity for presenters—unknown, internationally recognized and everyone in-between–to showcase their talent and build their brand. Many authors and spoken word presenters prefer to perform their art in order to impact audiences and sell their books.  Some will interact with the audience, some sing and move to their poetry, some play an instrument or have music accompany them as they share their lyrics, some read/recite their art, while others memorize and present their words, regardless of how it is delivered, the diversity of presenters will create unforgettable experiences for audiences. 

Moderated by Dr. Tarece Johnson. All performances have a $15 door fee and both reservations and walk-ins are welcomed.

Guidelines: * No obsessive profanity* No religious poems

Series dates:

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Wednesday, September 25th 7:00pm – 9:30pm

ABOUT TARECE JOHNSON: Tarece L. Johnson, EdD is a Mother, Author, Advocate, Activist, Artist, Multicultural Expert and Educational Leader. She is committed to making a difference through profound love and service. She is a global minded individual who advocates for multicultural and multilingual education, immigration, justice, equity and human rights. Dr. Johnson is dedicated to the improvement of international education, mental/spiritual health, community development, diversity, inclusion, and abolishing the school-to-prison pipeline.

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