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Velvet Voices 4-Sep 19


Michael Burke is a vibrational sound therapist born and raised in New Orleans where he was brought up with the power of sound as a way to navigate into a clearer and brighter awareness of health, happiness and harmony.. 
He has also trained with ISTA (International Sound Therapy Association) and was awarded the sound ambassador award in  2016…
He works as a VST (Vibrational Sound Therapist) at several treatment centers around the Atlanta area and does various public Sound Journeys each month incorporating his poetry into the ambient architecture of each journey.. Michael is the creative director of the Sacred Sound Ministry at Unity North in Marietta Georgia where he performs poetry monthly for the Sunday services..He has recently retired from many years of custom woodworking to focus entirely on sound therapy and his poetry…
Michael is a published poet in several local magazines and his first book of poetry was published in 2017 entitled “Dancing With The Divine”.. His second book “Dancing With the Shadows”  should be released in 2020..Several videos of his poetry are available on YouTube and he hosts an open mic poetry night at Phoenix & Dragon bookstore the second Friday of every month from 7 till 9.


Chanell Angeli has been a powerhouse and sure-fire business entrepreneur in every single way. The owner of a mega beauty brand-based company Melanin Mermaid she targeted the three B’s: Beauty, Body and Beaches which she utilizes the concept of all-natural skin care products, she also focusses on hair care and other life enhancing staples. She traveled the
Caribbean as a young girl which inspired her love for culture, food and fashion which flourished her work as a photographer.

Chanell also is an avid author, blogger and poet her first book Melt a sensual guide targeted for couples to connect deeply by being fully vulnerable and present in the relationship to obtain a deeper bond. The book also prepared singles for future relationships by being in tune with
themselves which the author believes is the first step to loving anyone else. Chanell’s new book will release this summer entitled Beside Still Waters the book is a sacred attempt to define aspects of love and gives appreciation to the intrinsic way that relationships often craft our reality. This book is a self-discovery journey for Chanell Angeliand an untold story in many
people’s lives. She has taken on selfless transparencies by writing pieces inspired by pain and triumph as well as offering intimate photography captured throughout her process. This limited-edition body of work will bring readers to an intimate space as she bares her soul through her creative expressions.

You can find more information about Chanell on her website at


” When I was 5, my mother woke me up early one morning to warn me that they were coming. I never figured out who they were. Later, after she had given me away to a stranger, I wondered if the pudgy cop, driving me back to my foster home was one of them.” – Jessica Holter 

Jessica Holter is a mother, author, an activist for AIDS awareness and a gifted orator (public speaker) , best known for creating The Punany Poets. 


It was 1969 on the Morning Star Ranch in Sebstopol, CA. Musician, Lou Gottlieb had carved out his corner of the Free Love movement for all who would follow him to the woodsy spread for nudists and revolutionaries; and her parents were in love. So under the stars in a tent, the couple created a child they did not want. And like all foster children, Jessica Holter has never forgotten the sting of abandonment. Now she’s ready to talk about it with a social service documentary film that will give voice to so many, and jump start them on a path to loveing themselves. 

Hers is a story of survival. It is one of race and of passion and of sex, and politics and religion, all dancing, at the same party in her head. And abovethe dj table, spinning poetic rhythm and blues, there is a sign that reads ” Unpimpable.” 

Showtimes: 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Spoken word open mic: 8:45 – 9:30 (all performers welcomed)

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