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Style Points

Friday, January 10th

Jazz Ensemble Style Points

StylePoints1Style Points is an Atlanta-based jazz-and-whatever’s-fun combo formed in 2003 when several members of the Georgia Tech jazz ensemble decided to form a breakout group to play “extracurricular” gigs. Over 10 years later, guitarist Chris Rockett has kept the group alive by replacing members who have moved away and regularly inviting guests to sit in. The gentlemen in this group are engineers, teachers, students and writers by day, and musicians by night.  Along with Chris, the current core lineup consists of Eric Fontaine on saxophone and other woodwinds, Mike Young on electric bass, and Will Groth on drums, with frequent guest Bo Emerson on trumpet, & vocals (and at least six other instruments). Since all group members are career men by day, performing with Style Points is a hobby for all of us, a way to regularly speak the language of music amongst friends and keep our playing skills honed. Style Points is excited to venture north of the Perimeter for the first time and we hope our tunes will be well-received and enjoyed by all at The Velvet Note.

Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm    Tickets:  $20

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