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Red Sugar Blues

Wednesday, April 17th

Red Sugar Blues

‘Red looks like a piece of cake walking’ Jimmy Burns – Legendary Blues Guitarist

Mississippi gives birth to Red Sugar Blues. Real talk. Real love’ Castro Coleman – Mr. Sipp Mississippi Blues Child

‘Red Sugar Blues hits the stage runnin and just doesn’t stop’ Mick Kolassa – Taylor Made Blues Band

‘The groove of Red Sugar Blues is no greater place to be locked in when you become one with the music’ Myles Mattison – International Drummer

‘Hip shaking moves combines with guitar slaying grooves. Red Sugar Blues got their mojo working’ Fern Crossley – WAKH 105.7 Radio Personality

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…Red Sugar Blues is being recognized as a powerhouse blues band birthed from the soil of Mississippi…it is the stature of petite lead vocalist Red Sugar that draws and delivers deep seeded sounds and mountainous moans with rawness and ease…sultry…stunning and alluringly talented…the movement of such profound vocals should never be confused with the ability to resound and resonate each note so delicate and pleasing to the ear…whenever Red Sugar Blues hits any stage!

Showtime: 7:30pm Admission: $22.

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