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Papa J Sommerville

Wednesday, December 26th

“Papa J” Sommerville

Joey Sommerville’s musical essence lies in the Baptist church. “When I was a teenager, I would judge the caliber of my playing by the number of people in the congregation who “got happy”. If you aren’t touching the listener’s soul, then you aren’t really playing music. Soul communication is the key.” Fast forward to today where “Papa J’s” unique style of new millennium jazz and blues, with funk, gospel and bop influences, isdelivered with infectious pop sensibilities. It’s this, coupled with his humor, warmth andshowmanship, that drives the crowd crazy, creating a huge almost “cult-like” following of fans.

Joey’s career has been informed in part by his years of performing with blues legends and jam band superstars. It was a homecoming, as the years spent with B.B. King protoge Big Joe Burrell and working with the mega-band Phish mingled with the contemporary jazz years, while always including the early influences of Rock, R&B, Gospel, and Classic Blues. It was time to say something Bigger, something New, something authentic to the moment. Out of this creative primordial soup, Papa J was born.

ONE SHOW ONLY:  7:30pm           Admission: $25.

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