Oasis After Work | The Velvet Note

Oasis After Work


What if there was a place you could go after work…enter without a reservation…enjoy the simplest, yet most beautiful live music…have a drink…have some food…and not be expected to do anything whatsoever except…just…be?

Recently dubbed, ‘Happy Hour for Introverts’, The Velvet Note’s OASIS After Work is your time to let the day fall away or soak in, and transition your mind from work to home. We present smart, unrushed, attentive service in hushed tones, a solo musician on stage, flickering candlelight, comfortable seating, reading materials and much more.

We welcome singles, as well as quiet couples and groups. Come when you want…stay as long as you wish. This is your chance to escape the harsh lights, bustling ambient noise pollution and senseless chatter of everyday. This is your music sanctuary, enveloped in the aura of our custom-designed Dannelly sound system. It’s the place where you can hear the beat of your own heart. Care to call ahead of time and request a specific drink or dish? It’s our pleasure – just ask.

Hours: Every Wednesday from 5pm to 9pm.  A $5 per person music/musican fee will be added to your bill at checkout.

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(855) 583-5838