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Mid-Day Snack

Your Mid-Day Snack: 3 August 18

So R&B Star Frank McComb is set to perform this weekend, August 3rd and 4th.  Frank showed up last night at our Thursday Open Mic Jam to take a look at the room and meet our staff.  Picking him up from the airport was his good friend and bassist Teja Veal, one of the few female double bassists in the business, and one of the best.  Teja can’t play his shows this weekend because she’s on tour with the famed Janelle Monae, but she had time to hang with us last night.  She borrowed someone else’s electric bass guitar (Thanks, Terrence) and we were off to the races.

Now, notice how Teja perfectly executes a move I’m calling THE GUITAR STRAP FAKE-OUT.  She gets on stage and looks like she’s never seen a guitar strap before–bumbling and fumbling in the daintiest manner.  She takes her time.  She uses her soft, girly voice.  And then…well…look and listen for yourself.  Use your headset so you can hear the full spectrum of what’s happening.  Drummer Stan Ingram can’t stand it, the beat’s so sweet.  And kudos to Frank McComb for spontaneously laying down an arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” that was simply sublime.

This Mid-Day Snack is brought to you courtesy of The Velvet Note.  If we’re not already your favorite jazz club, you’re not paying attention—Come see us soon!


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