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Latavius Mulzac

Sunday Evening, May 5th

The Latavius Mulzac Trio

Latavius Mulzac, is a musician at heart, who has toured with the BB King All Star Band, Lady Antebellum, Silk, and more. And he understands the power of music personally.

Latavius was just 16 when his father was killed by a train wreck.

His dad was a pastor, and the family spent many days playing music together in the church. 

When his dad died, Mulzac felt mad, especially being a believer. He had so many questions about why — with absolutely no answers. But in his anger, Mulzac didn’t flee from music, he turned to it.

Today, in addition to being a highly sought performing musician, Latavius leads a music camp that teaches kids the power of music.

“As I began to release music out of me you could hear a roller coaster of a good life and then a crash,” he says.

“… You may hear stories about someone’s parents getting killed or taken away and life turns for the worst, but music for me kept me grounded and it kept me closed to a lot of negative opportunities.”

Some have had some pretty rough times — foster care, homelessness or bullying.

When they pick up a guitar or sit at the piano, Mulzac notices when a sad chord carries a bit more melancholy. Or when a harsh chord comes out angry and aggressive. The rhythm and volume of the instrument can mirror anger or pain felt inside.

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