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Jonathan Barber

Sunday, March 29th

Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead

Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead is an ascendant New York jazz quintet led by Modern Drummer’s “#1 Best Up-and-Coming Drummer of 2018,” Jonathan Barber. Only 29 years old, Mr. Barber has already worked with artists such as Pat Metheny, Nicholas Payton, Buster Williams, Kenny Barron, Jeremy Pelt, Jimmy Greene, J.D. Allen, Terrace Martin, the Brooklyn Philharmonic, and Erykah Badu. Now, he’s now stepping out in full force as a bandleader. Featuring Godwin Louis on saxophone, Andrew Renfroe on guitar, Matt Dwonszyk on bass, and Taber Gable on keys and piano, Vision Ahead offers a fresh blend of classic jazz with elements of gospel, rock, soul, and fusion that’s already attracting listeners across generations. 

This band has a fresh musical sound that is relevant within today’s generation. Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead’s music consists of original compositions and jazz repertoire. Barber is the main composer but each member of the band contributes compositions.  While presenting new music to the listener, Vision Ahead’s influences and concepts pull from Jazz legends such as Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Jackie Mclean, John Coltrane and many others.

The name “Vision Ahead” holds deep personal significance to Barber, as suggested in the occasional lyrics throughout the record, but it’s immediately clear that this is the sound of now.  Over a few years this group has built a reputation of quality jazz, Ken Micallef from ‘Downbeat’ saying “Vision Ahead is shapely and sure, fortified with youthful energy, yet tempered by master skills.” 

Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead Live @ B-Side 
Jonathan Barber & Vision Ahead Live @ Telefunken Studios 

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