Jenn Cornell | The Velvet Note

Jenn Cornell

Friday, January 26th

Cellist Jenn Cornell w/ Emrah Kotan

Jenn Cornell is an empowering cellist performance artist who brings to the stage a feeling of Joy for Life. She devotes herself to moving the audience to new levels of emotion.  The sound is unique yet familiar and gives into a yearning and passion we all desire.

Watch Jenn and Emrah perform HERE.

This show features multiple layers of cello looped with itself. Soloing on acoustic and 6-string electric cello, as well as playing along with Emrah Kotan on percussion-  Jenn uses rhythms, sensuality and movement to become a dance of instrument and body.

Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm

Admission:  $26.

*** SOLD OUT!!  SOLD OUT!!  SOLD OUT!! ***


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