The Velvet Note Welcomes Jack and Jill of America and Mercy Myra!

Sunday, August 30th @ 7:00pm EST

Streaming LIVE HERE

The Velvet Note is honored to help Jack and Jill celebrate their achievements and mission with a special performance by Mercy Myra.

Definitely born to sing, Mercy Myra is lauded as Kenya’s leading female R&B artist, often viewed as a female pioneer in the Kenyan music scene. She made her mark in the industry with a string of hits from two successful CD releases: Taba Samu (2001) and Nyisri Malong’o (2003). Favorites like “I’m Gonna Fly”, “Maneno”, “Life”, “Imagine” and “Tie Dero” topped the African music charts. International performances, tours and guest appearances came next, as well as numerous awards and accolades. She feels very close to her newest single, “Back Home”, which touches on the subject of missing her native Kenya. Its grounded yet airy percussions, as well as a subtle bass line allow the song to have a natural feel, as if evoking the four elements of nature: water, air, fire and earth. 

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