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Gino Rosaria

Saturday, November 1st

Classical and Jazz Pianist Gino Rosaria

GinoRosariaBorn and raised in Curacao, Gino always had an interest in music and science.  Growing up on a very culturally diverse island, Gino learned to speak four different languages fluently.  The influence of the many cultures allowed him to learn and play many different kinds of music, which became a part of his identity.  Later on he grew to enjoy Jazz, Latin, and Classical musical the most and Gino moved on to perform on a regular basis in his early teens.

In 2003, Gino moved to the US to study music under the world renowned Daisy De Luca Jaffe.  In 2009, he graduated with a Master’s degree in Classical Music Performance.  He then started taking private Jazz lessons with Jazz pianist David Shelander, who studied with Bill Evans.  During his time in the US, Gino went on to win many competitions and also got a chance to appear on the local TV and radio stations.  Gino also appeared several times on national TV, performing solo, chamber and with orchestra.  Today, he performs and does studio work on a regular basis with some of the best musicians around, including artists such as award-winning violinist Karen Briggs, 2010 Award winner for best Jazz Clarinet Player Tim Laughlin, award winning flutist Kim Scott, Award winning Jazz Guitarist Eric Essix, and world-renowned flutist Althea Rene.

Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm     Admission:  $20.

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