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Friday, May 24th: Smooth Jazz Guitarist Reza Khan

May 24 @ 7:30 am 11:00 pm

SHOWTIMES: 7:30PM AND 9:30PM. Over the course of his six previous albums, starting with his debut Painted Diaries in 2009, Reza Khan has worked with some of the biggest names in contemporary jazz while developing a fascinating trademark fusion of pop, jazz, soul and world influences. His empowering world jazz guitar music is steeped in his international roots and status as a socially conscious musical citizen of the world. Along the way, the Bangladesh-born, NYC-based composer and guitarist has enjoyed several breakthrough hits on the Billboard Jazz chart, including his first Top Ten single “Drop of Faith” (featuring Nils) from his critically acclaimed fifth album Next Train Home and “Waiting for the Sky” from the 2021 collection Imaginary Road. Despite this airplay success, he’s always been told that the music he writes and produces is designed more for musicians to play than for the average contemporary jazz listener to simply enjoy.

With Khan’s latest album, the intriguingly titled Mystical, he aims to change all that and create songs as infectious and radio friendly as they are brilliantly performed. Rather than have an overriding narrative concept, his goal was to collaborate with some familiar cohorts (Philippe Saisse, Mark Egan, David Mann, Nils) and others who could bring a fresh, magical, and yes, mystical quality to his songs. His first call was to David Mann, the veteran saxophonist who had brought great horn textures and arrangements to previous albums. He sought his production expertise, but just as importantly, felt that straight on compositional collaboration would be the ticket to unlocking this magic. Mann became an essential co-writer, composer, arranger and producer for the album.

While some of the original Khan/Mann tunes like “The Falcon” and “Whispering Trees” indeed tell fascinating, poetic stories of their own, the guitarist began with a different overall vision. He co-wrote every one of the new tracks with a specific well-known genre musician in mind as a featured artist, hoping their positive replies would lead to incredible individual tracks with hit potential that could take the song in a magical/mystical direction Khan couldn’t have imagined upon writing the song.

Building off a foundation of Khan on lead guitar, Bern Schoenhardt on rhythm guitar, Mann on keys and sax, Khan’s guest list – all of whom immediately agreed to participate – includes two time Grammy winner Bob James, three time Grammy winner Jimmy Haslip, Grammy winner Jeff Lorber, Grammy nominee Saisse, Keiko Matsui, a unique array of bassists (Egan, Jimmy Haslip, Brendan Rothwell, Mel Browne) and drummers Gary Novak, Brian Dunne and Lionel Cordew. Though their participation on Mystical will no doubt gain attention, the all-stars ultimately serve as sidekicks to Khan’s infectious melodies and front and center dynamic electric and acoustic playing, along with Mann’s vibrant arrangements.

Because the project was recorded during the pandemic, the basic tracks were recorded at Khan’s home studio in Long Island, with Mann putting together remotely created tracks in his NYC studio. It was a unique opportunity that could happen at no other time, with usually busy and booked musicians having time available and grateful for the work. “It was gratifying to see how we all found ways to help each other survive the pandemic era, creatively, emotionally and financially,” says Khan. “We all found unique ways to communicate with each other during this difficult time.”

Another unique, truly Mystical aspect of the collection is the opportunity to experience new versions of three classic tracks from Khan’s early projects via Mann’s contemporary 2022 productions with new lineups of musicians – “Bahia Mama” (featuring the original vocal by Jennifer Grimm) and “Catalina’s Dream” from Painted Diaries and “Language of Love” from A Simple Plan (2011). The fact that “Language of Love” and “Catalina’s Dream” are in the cue for future single releases show that Khan’s composing style was always in the pocket, with great hit potential. He simply needed Mann’s expertise behind the boards to take it to the next level.

Though album artwork in this digital age is sometimes given short shrift, Brazilian artist Renata’ Schiavon’s compelling hand drawn imagery throughout the packaging connects beautifully and essentially to the music and themes of Mystical. The cover features a small silhouette on Reza in the eye of a falcon, and there are impressionistic images of guitar, saxophone and piano to reflect the album’s fusion of sounds and touch on other elements created by nature and man, i.e. piano keys that look like skyscrapers in a city skyline.

The release of Mystical was delayed for over a year due to some health setbacks in Khan’s life and a necessary period of recovery. But he’s back in the groove and excited to resume his career. “My goal with Mystical was to imagine a very magical album where David and I write songs together for certain individual musicians we wanted to bring to the recording,” he says.  “Every track evolved organically until it became a very different type of conceptual album, with each tune having magical, mysterious elements. I had always composed every song by myself, and I enjoyed the exciting learning curve of collaborating differently on each tune. My idea was to focus on how they could appeal broadly to fans of contemporary and global jazz without limiting the inspiration and motivation that has driven me in the past.”


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