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Dwan Bosman

Friday, October 19th

Saxophonist Dwan Bosman

Prepare to have your musical listening gauge elevated defying everything you know about the lucid sound of the saxophone. Saxophonist Dwan Bosman with his tremendously seasoned ensemble including OJ Harper on Keys, Joel Powell on Bass and Emrah Kotan on Drums will unleash a euphonic and powerful performance of Jazz tunes from the 40’s to present time, along with original music from his album Sax Attack (released in 2013). 

Dwan Bosman has been playing the saxophone since the age of 15, inspired by a deep rooted tutelage reaching back to his grandfather. Initially playing the clarinet & bass clarinet at the age of 12, his interest was to be classically trained, but at the age of 15, listened to “A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane and became infatuated with straight ahead Jazz. This love affair continues today nevertheless he is limitless and versatile in his talent with an eclectic mix of genres played.

The embodiment of live performance, having done so for 20+ years across the nation and abroad, performing is like breathing to this soulful saxophonist and his showmanship is remarkable. Performing regularly at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for a program entitled “The Sounds of Southern Hospitality” his passion resonates to everyone he serenades whether a disgruntled infant, all the way through to the most mature of crowds. With his exceptional ability to play and entertain, he has become a benchmark in the city of Atlanta as a premier saxophonist. Dwan Bosman will take you on a musical excursion not to be forgotten.

Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm       Admission:  $27.

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