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Danii Roundtree

Friday, August 18th

Jazz and Soul Singer Danii Roundtree

Hailing from the cityscapes of Atlanta, R&B/Jazz and Soul/Pop Recording Artist, Danii Roundtree, hit the ground running with her music career in 2009 and since that time has acquired a devoted fan base, made a name for herself throughout the scene, and performed live at many different venues, festivals, and other music events. 

She began finding her love for music at age 11 when she started taking up singing and performing on stage as a child prodigy. Fast-forwarding to her adulthood years as a professional musician, her fans see so much more manifesting since her young, kid prodigy days. 

Known for her charisma, powerful vocal range, and dynamic signature sound, Roundtree has been turning many heads in the music industry with her unforgettable live show performances and an unmistakable passion that she exhibits onstage, as well as the studio.

Currently, her recent single “Crave” is receiving critical acclaim and positive reception; which has helped her garner an insatiable fan base with a major street buzz. Her debut album “Memoirs” is slated for a Summer 2017 release date. 

In Roundtree’s words, “Memoirs is an album written from true life events. We all have that one love story that ends before it starts. And I just so happen to be a singer/ songwriter who documents through song. This album is literally a collection of my memoirs. All the records are personal. The sound has a throwback feel that is Jazz-oriented with Funk and Soul elements; cleverly coined as ‘Retro’. I hope to one-day transition into acting, so I wrote the album as though it was a never-ending Retro movie soundtrack. Ultimately, with the end goal of its contents being put in television, film, commercials, and one day becoming its own short film.”

Danii Roundtree graced the stage at the 40th Annual Atlanta Jazz Festival. She will also be performing at many lucrative shows this year, in support of “Memoirs” official release.

In the meantime, while Danii Roundtree is writing, recording, and honing her craft in the studio, be sure to connect with her on all Social Media platforms and Music Streaming sites to keep up with everything she has planned in the shortcoming and beyond. 

Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm     Admission: $25.

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