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Daniel Hardin

Friday, December 13th

Singer/Songwriter Sensation Daniel Hardin

“…blends blues, rock, pop and soul into an irresistible fusion of pure, impassioned tunes.” – jansensjamz.com 

         Daniel Hardin is a singer/songwriter and guitarist out of Athens, Ga who tends to prefer the DIY approach. In between practicing guitar and singing, he spent most of his high school years in Alpharetta, Georgia learning the craft of building guitars from scratch, recording and mixing music, and songwriting. By his senior year, this allowed him to use a few of his handmade instruments and record his first self-produced, self-titled, full-length original album. Then, by recruiting local players to help him form a band, it wasn’t long before he began to play in local venues. He most notably sold out The Velvet Note in Milton, Ga four times before going to college in Athens, Ga.  

         Influenced by such artists as John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, Ben Folds, and Collective soul, his songwriting fuses tasteful melodies with irresistible grooves to form his unique spin on the rock genre. All of this can be heard on his first album, with highlights including the hook-driven acoustic tune, “Old Day”, the driving rock opener, “Take Me Home”, and the soulful B.B. King tribute, “3 O’clock blues”. In addition, his 2017 single, “I’ll Be There”, shows a wildly different side of his musicality, combining groovy pop rhythms and catchy vocal harmonies to create a funky, reggae-influenced alt-rock track that stands out from the rest. Most recently, he released a six-song EP, titled “The Road Less Traveled”, that showcases six completely different sides of his songwriting ability. The first track, “Miles Around” is filled with slap guitar, slap bass, and a punchy rhythm section that drives the emotive vocals and lead guitar, while the fourth track, “So Easily” is a slower, fan favorite that explodes into incredibly dynamic choruses and melodic guitar solos. Overall, this EP represents only the beginning of what is to come.

Currently attending the University of Georgia, he continues to release music and play in venues across Georgia. He is recording an album to be released in the Spring of 2020.

Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm        Admission: $32.

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