Bradie Seller & Climate Change | The Velvet Note

Bradie Seller & Climate Change

Sunday, May 20th

Master Percussionist Bradie Seller & Climate Change

Five musical geniuses have had a profound impact on Bradie Speller’s music and life; avant-garde Pianist Cecil Taylor, Trumpeter Miles Davis, Pianist Herbie Hancock, Pianist Josef Zawinul and Saxophonist Wayne Shorter.  Four of these legends personally mentored  Bradie and he was fortunate to perform and record with Cecil, Joe, Wayne and Herbie during his early years of musical development. After decades of behind the scenes shedding and numerous performances around the world outside the USA, Bradie Speller is bringing his unique brand of #SocialMusic and power performance to the Velvet Note. His first release, “Beams of Light” contains original music that pays tribute to the spirit and styles of the acoustic & electric age of his mentors.

Catch this master percussionist with his band Climate Change and be in for a VSOP #SocialMusic experience! 

Showtimes:  7:00pm and 9:00pm      Admission:  $28.

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