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The Cazanovas

Wednesday, February 20th

The Cazanovas

For the past 15 years The Cazanovas have evolved into the current line up which includes Maurice Nazzaro singing and playing harp, Danny Vinson on Guitar, Valerie Waters on Keyboards, Harald Pattillo on Bass and Thereon Peterson on Drums.  The distinctive powerful sound of the band is influenced by diverse styles of music and the background each member brings into the mix. The music of The Cazanovas is always rooted in Blues and includes styles ranging from straight ahead Chicago Blues, West Coast Swing Blues and Rockin Texas Blues, but also contemporary modern styles as well.

Tunes such as Supernova off of the first release “Borrowed Time” is a straight ahead barn burning harmonica driven song influenced by Chicago and West Coast styles. 

ONE SHOW ONLY:  7:30pm.   Doors open at 6:30pm       Admission:  $20.

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