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Booking a Show at The Velvet Note

The Velvet Note is a 40-seat jazz club that has welcomed many of the best, brightest and the most passionate musicians in the world.    Our listening room is widely regarded as having the highest quality sound and acoustics in the entire jazz club industry.  In addition, all of our performances are on a high-definition live-stream video broadcast that is viewed by thousands of jazz fans (and other venues) each night.  

The Velvet Note is the highest-rated jazz club (on Google and Yelp) in the Greater Atlanta Area, and the entire southern region of the United States.  We are the most awarded jazz club in the state of Georgia, having received DownBeat Magazine’s 100 Best Jazz Clubs in the World award for four consecutive years, as well as a Creative Loafing Magazine award.  And, we pay musicians more money per capita (guests in seats) than any other jazz club in The Atlanta area!

Here are 3 ways to successfully book a show at The Velvet Note:

“In the words of the ancients, one should make his decisions within the space of seven breaths.”  — The Book of the Samurai

  1. Call Us.  We do not accept electronic press kits, youtube links, or email submissions.  If you’d like to perform here, please CALL US directly at 855.583.5838 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 3pm) and give us a chance to get to know you (not your booking agent).  If we are interested, WE WILL LET YOU KNOW WITHIN SEVEN MINUTES,  make you an offer, complete your booking and advance your show.  We know what we are looking for and we are quick to make decisions.  You won’t have to chase us around, play phone tag, or suffer the humiliation of being ignored for months on end.  If we don’t see a fit, we will be straightforward in letting you know so that you can make better use of your time and resources. 
  2. Invite Us to A Show.   If you’re not yet on our radar, you might want to try booking a show at another Atlanta-area club and letting us know about about it in advance. There are TONS of clubs to choose from, including: Suite Food Lounge, Thursdays at City Winery, St. James LIVE, Cafe 290, Venkmann’s, Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint, and Kat’s Cafe. Upon receiving information regarding the date of your performance, we will send a Talent Buyer out to purchase a ticket, attend your show, evaluate your musicianship and stage presence, and assess the size of the audience you are able to draw. If any one of our three Talent Buyers shows interest and thinks you’d be a good fit for us, we will contact you directly.
  3. Come out and Jam With Us.  This is something you should really consider.  Seriously.  Every single Thursday night, we have an Open Mic Jam from 8pm – Midnight.  All musicians, singers, genres and styles are welcomed.  Each and every Thursday, there is a Talent Buyer onsite (or viewing the live stream the day after the jam).  You can perform with our house band or on your own.  Many artists have come to our attention through Open Mic Jam and gone on to ignite the Velvet Note stage and many other venues worldwide.  It’s worth the trip!

Our stage has been home to the biggest, most special names in jazz who appreciate an upscale, intimate space with enthusiastic audiences in the Atlanta market.  Recent shows have included Larry Carlton, Pat Martino, Carmen Lundy, Gretchen Parlato, Kenny Garrett, Mark Whitfield, Robert Glasper, Christian McBride, The Baylor Project, and Taylor Eigsti.  We have also been honored to host Tierney Sutton, Marcus Roberts, Lew Soloff and Diane Schuur.  We hope to welcome you soon!















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