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Ben Friedman

Sunday, December 9th

Singer Songwriter Ben Friedman

Ben Friedman is one of the most unusual artists we’ve ever heard and it is our pleasure ot introduce him to Velvet Note audiences.  Sexy…minimalistic…quirky…sensitive….you’ve never heard anyone quite like Ben.

In his own words:

My father was born in 1936 a Lithuanian Jew, and my mother was born 1936 and is from Polish and Welsh decent. Both were art students who yearned to follow their hearts and pursue a career in painting, yet, as with many artists, family and its obligations took precedence over what might have been.  Through my parents..I gained a sense of appreciation and love for the arts and all its varied endeavors.

Yet there was always one form that shook me to the core…music.

In the past couple of years I’ve handed over the songwriting to my DNA.. so to speak.. On a personal level its been very satisfying.  Those eastern block, Baltic minor guitar chords along with gypsy and yiddish melodies have always moved me, smashing that into the familiar song structures of Brit and American folk music has been very exciting to me, and for some unknown reason..just sounds nice to my ears. 

A minimalist at heart, my genuine hope is that you’ll find some enjoyment in these “rough” basement recorded songs. It means a lot that you have an interest in original music.

For that, I thank you from my soul.

This show also features Randy Hoexter on piano and Billy Thornton on Bass.


ONE SHOW ONLY:  7:00pm         Admission:  $29.

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