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Artist Comp Policy


Below is the venue policy in response to the question asked by most musicians, “What about comps?”


Who is considered to be a “Guest/ Artist Comp”?

Anyone who is not performing on stage as a member of your act is considered to be a guest.   This means that all family members, husbands, wives, girlfriends, parents of your children, first dates, managers, booking agents, chauffeurs, roadies, personal assistants, CD/merchandise salespeople, publicists, photographers, videographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, radio station personalities (do we really need to go on here?) who are not performing music on stage with you are considered complimentary guests.


How many guests do I get to invite?

You may invite as many guests as you would like to attend your show.  All guests must be arranged with Velvet Note Management, prior to the start of the show.  If we can squeeze them in, you are welcomed to bring them, based on availability of space, of course.   


Is there a charge for my guests?

Once you have achieved a Technical Sell-Out (80 seats sold across the night for a 2-set performance), two (2) of your guests per set are FREE.  

If you have not achieved a TSO by the end of the night or if you have invited more than 2 guests per set, you will be charged the FULL TICKET PRICE–per show–for each of your non-comped guests.  The charge will be deducted from your performance fee, prior to the issuance of your check.    


Where Can My Comp Guests Sit?

The specific seat that each of your guests (comped or otherwise) will be allowed to sit in is at the sole discretion of The Velvet Note Management.


What About Complimentary Food and Beverages?

You and all members of your band receive FREE food and beverages (including alcohol).  The schedule on which  your food is served and what items from our menu are available to you are at the sole discretion of our Executive Chef.  We aim to please, and have different options to cater to different tastes and diet restrictions.  Please make all your requests with one of our servers at the bar, or at the front desk.  Do not just wander into the kitchen and ask the chef for a couple of lamb chops (Really happened.  No, really, it did).  Serving great musicians is one of the things we love to do the most, and we look forward to serving you.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please read this policy carefully and make sure that all members of your band are aware of its content.  Any violation to this policy observed by our staff will result in a deduction from the proceeds of your paycheck.  Translation:  If you or any one in your band bring or allow a guest into The Velvet Note without a prior arrangement with management, we reserve the right to deduct a “Pain-In-The-Ass Penalty” from your paycheck.  How much of a penalty is at our sole discretion.  


This policy comes to you courtesy of the new, kinder, gentler Tamara Fuller roaming the prairie, who might previously have said, “We are a 40-seat venue.  Are you f*#&ing kidding me?!?”

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