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The Al Strong Quintet

Saturday, September 10th

The Al Strong Quintet


Since being introduced to jazz music at the age of 15, Al Strong has worked diligently to master and refine his musical passions originally stirred while growing up in the city that created “go-go” music. Raised in Washington, DC, Strong undoubtedly carries an affinity for dance music of all disciplines, which carries over in his sound and demeanor. Many of his influences can be heard on his debut album LoveStrong Vol. 1, released on January 8, 2016.

LoveStrong is a “feel good” record, that traverses through various moods and colors of Strong’s life experiences. The mellow sounds are sure to capture the ear of unassuming listeners who may not usually listen to jazz music. The listener who is well adept to improvisation and the blues will certainly be in for a treat as well, as they will find quite a few moments when the musicians on this album tell stories of struggle, triumph, mystery, and LOVE.

The goal for creating an album such as LoveStrong is to positively contribute to the body of work created by so many other well-versed and well-traveled artists. These artists have paved the way for him and many others, believing in their musical connection with the creator and mankind.

In addition to having the pleasure of performing for artists such as Branford Marsalis, Aretha Franklin, Clay Aiken, and Lind Eder, you can hear Al Strong’s sound on a number of other projects available for distribution. These artists include The Foreign Exchange, Yazarah, Soul Understated featuring Mavis “Swan” Poole, and, The Foreign Exchange, along with others. Strong also balances his affinity for music with adjunct teaching responsibilities at North Carolina Central University, as well as festivals, shows, and summer jazz camps with his non-profit organization, The Art of Cool Project.  He has been named “a performer to watch” in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, and we welcome him for his first show at The Velvet Note!

Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm.     Admission:  $24.  7:30 is SOLD OUT!  PURCHASE 9:30 Seats Below:

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