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Uncategorized | March 14, 2017

Are We Advancing Backwards?

This past weekend was the first in forty-something years that I have been uttlerly and completely unaware of the change back from Daylight Savings Time.  That’s right–apparently my life is so technologically advanced that there is virtually no need for me to engage in the outdated practice of setting my clocks forward.  My OnStar system reset my car clock, the internet and my iOS reset my computer, iPad and iPhone, and I hadn’t looked at my stove that day because I ate at a restaurant.  Like many other folks, I get all of my television content streamed online, so there was no friendly newscaster to warn me of the pending sleep deprivation. In fact, I remained shielded in ignorance until late Sunday night when I overheard someone mention it in conversation at The Velvet Note.  

And then I felt sorely out of touch, which is ironic because the whole point of Springing Forward is to reconnect our creature comforted life with the reality of…well…reality.   Has my life become so programmed that I’ve advanced backwards?  What else will I be missing– Seasons?  Weather?  Gravity? And where are all of the big thoughts I should be thinking with my big brain that no longer bears the pesky burden of keeping track of time?

One of many things I love about great, live music is that it never advances past the point of touching my soul.  I know– old school, but oh, so good.

For a look at our upcoming shows, click HERE.  I hope to see you this week.  Up close….

xoxo, Tamara

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