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Uncategorized | October 6, 2016

Teresa Williams’ Autumn Affair

teresakaywilliamsOriginally from Louisiana and then raised in Colorado and Alabama, Teresa Williams was the youngest child born to her Air Force family. She was quite a bit younger than her two siblings and remembers spending a great deal of her childhood alone. “I would come home from school and listen to the radio by myself in my bedroom…singing along with country, pop and other singers of the day, such as Patsy Cline and Dinah Shore, and even the singers from the Lawrence Welk show.” Teresa was particularly drawn to torch songs—the songs of longing and wanting and sadness and love unrealized. “If you knew my history, you’d know that here was a lot of sadness in my family. I am always trying to grow past that…trying to be the best me that I can be.”

In college, Teresa studied architecture, quite possibly inspired by the inspiring buildings at The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, as well as evenings watching her father chop wood and build things in the back yard, breathing in the cool, crisp took a class in opera and classical music, which ignited her interest in learning to use her vocal instrument. She went on to take private lessons with Kevin Bales and the famous Jan Smith Studios, honing her skills, and eventually, finding her way to the stage.

Today, Teresa is a practicing architect who also enjoys performing and will soon release her long-awaited debut album. Listen to a sample HERE:https://soundcloud.com/teresa-kay-williams-749644497/the-moon-was-yellow

When asked her if her torch songs have been influenced by her romantic life, she says, “I teresakaywilliams_146haven’t had much of a romantic life, with the exception of choices that I look back on and realize weren’t the right ones for me. You know, the ones that make you ask yourself, ‘what do I need to learn about myself?’ So, in some way, it’s about longing for something that has never been there. It’s about all kinds of love…not just romantic love, but agape and family love too.”

Join us on Sunday, October 9th at 7:00pm as Teresa sings her songs, shares her longings, and continues to be the best she can be. With Kevin Bales on piano, Craig Shaw on bass and Justin Chesarek on drums. Tickets available at http://thevelvetnote.com/teresa-williams.

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