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2 Kate McGarryOCTOBER 1, 2013.  With five records including the Grammy nominated, If Less Is More Nothing Is Everything, as well as their most recent, critically acclaimed Girl Talk, Kate McGarry  has established herself as one of contemporary jazz’s most moving and enigmatic voices.   Kate and her partner Keith Ganz will be previewing songs from their upcoming debut on Sunnyside Records, Genevieve & Ferdinand, on Saturday, October 5th and Sunday, October 6th at the Atlanta-area’s beloved hot spot The Velvet Note.   This live duo concert records 10 years of life and musical partnership and is hailed by The Wall St. Journal as, “An exceptionally appealing blend of folk and jazz….not to be missed!”

 More concerned with the essence of a song than idiomatic limitations, vocalist Kate McGarry and guitarist Keith Ganz have managed to attract the attention of tomorrow’s jazz fans. Beyond their obvious affinity for swing, their eclectic repertoire ranging from Irving Berlin to The Cars, and her signature contralto convey a message with a crystal clarity that precludes the need for gimmick or effect. All that’s left is undeniably honest music that transcends the boundaries of age or genre.

McGarry’s singular musical gift is her ability to broadcast emotional transparency with undeniable and artless force. The singer one hears time and again in McGarry’s work is gracious and endearing. She is vulnerable yet unbroken. She is always rapturous. With her musical and life collaborator, the guitarist Keith Ganz, McGarry has been forging a signature approach to standard and new compositions that is immediately fresh and very personal.”

 ~ Kurt Elling 10-time Grammy Nominee, 13x Winner Downbeat’s Jazz Vocalist of the Year Award

“This duo has figured out how to create jazz arrangements of songs by Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Stephen Stills and Ric Ocasek without compromising either the jazz or the rock’n’roll. The substitute chords, elasticized rhythms and deconstructionist solos make this satisfying jazz, while the lyrics are delivered with such forceful urgency that it’s still satisfying rock’n’roll. The songs are transformed but never obscured.” ~ Geoffrey Himes, music critic Paste, Downbeat, Jazz TImes

Performances:  October 5th and October 6th, Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm.  For tickets, go to or call 855.5.VELVET.  For press inquiries, please contact Tamara Fuller, General Manager at [email protected].


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