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A Food Review of The Velvet Note

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

By VelvetVoyce, Publisher/Reviewer of SoundBites

So as I was cruising through my social media outlets one day I received a message (PMs I think they’re called) from this swank and really cool jazz venue in Alpharetta, GA named ‘The Velvet Note’. I had been there once before when they first opened up to see trumpeter Mark Rapp and instantly liked the place.  And once I saw they were bringing singer Sachal Vasandani back to Atlanta, I knew I had no choice but to head back  sooner than later!

To my surprise the message asked if I could come to the show as the Chef wanted me to taste their menu. He apparently noticed I have an appreciation for good food and wanted my opinion on their selections. I have to be honest with you, the message made my day.  I call myself a ‘wannabe foodie’ because I don’t think I’ve earned all my ‘true foodie’ stars and stripes so to have a real Chef  want my opinion on THEIR food was an honor.  So I marked my calendar for Saturday night and looked forward to a meeting with my two loves: food and music.

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