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Trevor Exter

Friday, April 10th and Saturday, April 11th

Unconventional Cellist Trevor Exter

“singer and unconventional cellist trevor exter plucks and whacks at his big instrument and guides it through multiple climaxes.”

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TrevorExter2For most of his life, Trevor Exter has been a professional singer and cellist with his own approach to all aspects of composing, songwriting, producing, performing and touring. He has a couple of bands where he gets to make a spectacle of himself, and some producers like to use him as a secret weapon.  He also plays Fender bass.

Watch Trevor’s recent vocal performance at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall HERE.

First-time listeners are sometimes puzzled when Trevor steps on stage, a cello plugged into an amp the way a rocker bears his axe. He makes music for nighthawks and dreamers. Mixing TrevorExter4acoustic pop, American soul and restless rock energy with an itinerant vision all his own, his songs travel far and burrow deep. The lyrics, brimming with passion, are delivered by a warm, grainy voice over a subtle and surprisingly deep groove.  Born in Ithaca, NY and fascinated by the cello at an early age, he moved to Brazil in 1993, hypnotized by the fire and tenderness in its music, which comes through in his performances even today.

Regular NYC appearances with his7-piece wedding band keep him in a good mood.  This performance will include Trevor on cello and vocals, as well as a bassist and drummer.

Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm       Admission:  $22.  Early shows are SOLD OUT!  Buy 9:30pm seats below:

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