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Teja Veal

Sunday,  February 12th

Bassist and Singer Teja Veal:  Teja Out Front


Ask anyone what they remember most about a performance with “Téja on BASS” – the answer will most likely be her infectious smile! However, it’s her killer bass-playing that keeps her working! With the eagerness of a novice, yet the restraint and focus of a more seasoned player, Téja is a musician’s musician. “I just love to play!” she exclaims. “I love being part of a tight unit – love the feeling of creating audible beauty!” Equal parts Verdine White, James Jamerson and Marcus Miller – all wrapped up in a sweetly soulful voice (with a hint of the jazzy Gretchen Parlato), there’s no one way to define Téja’s sound. “I just want to be musically fluid,” she remarks. “I want to be relatable to everyone that happens to listen”.

This performance is Teja’s debut as a singer, and boy can she sing!

Big-band jazz-bred and “old-school soul” at heart, the Miami-native [now Atlanta resident] is open to all forms of music. “If I can feel it, I can play it!” she quips. It’s this willingness to embrace all styles that have afforded Téja chances to play with artists of several genres, both on the local and industry levels. She started playing in an orchestra program in middle school on the upright bass, then transferred to a jazz program in high school – where she also picked up the electric bass guitar (as well as several other instruments). Téja started “gigging” around town when she was 16, and has been performing ever since. “I don’t like name-dropping – that’s what resumes are for” she muses, when asked who she’s worked with. “I’ll just say that I’m grateful to God for every opportunity He’s given me to perform, both great and small!” 

Showtimes:  7:00pm and 9:00pm     Admission:  $25.

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