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Sonic Relaxation with Jon Adams

Wednesday, September 28th

Sonic Relaxation with Jon Adams

Stressed?  Have trouble sleeping or relaxing?   Learn how frequency and vibration can affect the way we think and feel.  Our brainwaves and our thoughts themselves create frequency waves and are measured in “hertz”, just like sound waves. Sound has the power to affect us not only emotionally, but also to affect our brainwaves and our state of consciousness.  Learn more, and experience the hidden power of sounds. Raise your vibration and relax your mind through Sonic Relaxation!

Sonic Relaxation is similar to music therapy, but has a few key differences. Sound therapy focuses more on the elements of sound and their physiological and neurological effects. This is the deeper connection of sound, frequency and rhythm to our physiology. Specifically used, sound has the ability to affect us on a deeper level, by enabling us to transcend our normal, day to day, states of consciousness and find states of relaxation or even transcendence from day to day stresses. Sound therapy also focuses less on the traditional styles of music and more on sounds (specific frequencies or rhythms). Most of the time it is intentionally kept simple in order for the listener to focus less on the composition and facilitate a mental space for letting go of stress.


Jon’s music is used during the meditation track by national health and fitness chains such as Gold’s Gym in the Centergy (yoga) class provided by the national company Bodytraining Systems.  In addition, Sonic Yogi’s music is downloaded and streamed in high numbers via SoundCloud and youtube by relaxation seekers nationally.

Jon has also performed therapy music at the Las Vegas Yoga Center and Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA.

In addition to Jonathan, also plays guitar with the classical fusion group, Montana Skies ( and has also recorded several solo albums for classical guitar.  He also performs extensively around the United States and internationally, and now he also produces healing music which is available for free at

His original music has been featured on NPR, PBS, and in movies.

Doors open at 5:30pm.  Music begins at 6:30pm.  Admission:  $10.

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