Open Mic Jam | The Velvet Note

Open Mic Jam


Sam Skelton3Come out and join us on Thursday nights in the comfort of The Velvet Note Living Room.  Meet the best, most passionate local area musicians, make essential connections and relax and enjoy the scene.  THIS is the area fun-spot–the place to meet others who play and/or simply enjoy great music, and it’s the ONLY Thursday night jam on the north side of town.  Only $8 and no reservations necessary.  All styles and genres are welcomed, so scootch on in here as a performer or spectator–it’s all fun! 
Jam Times:  8:00pm – ’round midnight.  Admission:  $8
NO RESERVATIONS NECESSARY, but if you’d like one, get out your credit card and call 855.5.VELVET

Call Now To Reserve Your Tickets!

(855) 583-5838