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Lex Lieberman

Sunday, January 11th

Lex Lieberman


LexLieberman3Lex Lieberman is an 18 year old singer, songwriter, performer who developed her global taste for music at a very young age. Hearing her sing made famed musician Lenny Kravitz jump out of his seat and exclaim “Lex you are going to be a Huge Star.”

Lex says, “As young as I can remember, my mom had been playing me music from Beethoven to Frank Sinatra, to the Carpenters, and the older I got the more I enjoyed researching musicians and artists from every decade.” Lex’s cultural influence is part of what makes her sound so unique and warm. She describes her sound as “Sultry Pop.”  It is a mix of generations that can be truly enjoyed by virtually anyone. Lex also remembers picking up her first guitar at the age of 14 and has loved it ever since.

Lex has performed at several venues over the years including The Hard Rock Café. She has performed for the Otis Redding Camp for kids and was overwhelmed by the response she got from the kids. Lex’s love for music doesn’t stop at just singing. She is also a dancer and has taken every style of dance from ballet to belly dancing. However, Lex’s true love is being able to share her music and perform.  She says “Sharing a connection with an audience is an amazing feeling that is so out of this world.”

Music is a lifestyle for this amazingly beautiful and talented singer. She is grateful to the many people that support and encourage her on her rise to Superstardom.

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