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Eileen Howard

Sunday, August 6th

Eileen Howard:  Wild Women Don’t Have No Blues

Eileen Howard is one of those rare entertainers with the sensitivity and flair to deeply evoke the human condition in her work. She’s received accolades and awards as a singer, songwriter and actor and is active on the New York and Atlanta scenes as

a noted jazz and blues vocalist. She’s also received acclaim as a gifted songwriter. Her latest release, Big City Love, generated buzz around town.  This is a show of blues and ballads—funny, naughty and poignant.

In addition to her singing, Eileen became a well-respected actress and stage director, winning many awards including Excellence awards from the Central Ohio Theatre Roundtable in Musical Performance, in Acting and in Directing. She received Curtain Players Link awards for excellence in acting and in directing, and a nod as Best Supporting Actress from the Columbus Alive arts magazine.  

Eileen’s very attractive voice and ability to interpret a wide variety of material with insight, humor and full understanding of the meanings behind the words she sings make her a superior song stylist who is always a joy to see.  A delightful and spirited singer who loves to perform, Eileen puts on shows that are heartfelt, soulful, swinging and full of honest feelings. “My concerts are really storytelling with music. I like a variety of uplifting music, and I have a sense of hope and redemption that can be life affirming.”

Showtimes:  7:00pm and 9:00pm     Admission: $25.

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