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Discovered…Chip Jones!

Wednesday, January 6th

Discovered…Chip Jones!

ChipJones2The Velvet Note presents a brand new 2016 series that invites a virtually unknown artist to take the stage and record a professional live album for distribution.  

Launching the series is guitarist/singer/songwriter Chip Jones.  As a professional musician who has over 27 years of guitar performance and who has been around the Atlanta music scene for 10 years, his experiences include solo performances and in groups playing originals and covers in different pubs, clubs, taverns and restaurants. He loves to improvise thriving in live settings. Styles usually include rock, bluegrass, modern folk, Americana, jazz. While Guitar is his primary instrument, he can also play mandolin, bass and piano.

As a guest, we ask that you come prepared to provide enthusiastic applause and support for the artist as he makes his/her recording.  Your modest admission fee gets you a digital copy of the live recording, and dinner and drinks are available.

Doors open at 5:00pm.   Music begins at 6:30pm    Admission: $5.

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