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Chris Cauley

Friday, October 25th

Chris Cauley


Chris Cauley1A scrappy little kid with a guitar.  That’s how Chris Cauley describes himself.  But anyone who thinks that’s all there is to this talented singer/songwriter/musician doesn’t know the difference between a dandelion and a rose.

With chiseled features that rival those of any Hollywood star, a voice flavored with soul and passion and songs born of the kind of pain and angst that come from being brokenhearted and misunderstood, Chris Cauley is a creative genius whose time has come.  At a relatively young age, Chris has lived though the pain and heartbreak of a man twice his age and he has the emotional scars to prove it.  His music is filled with his own experiences, thoughts, and fears.  Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Chris grew up listening to the masters of soul.  “When I was coming up, my mom always had Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway records laying around the house so I’ve always been exposed.  I was raised as a church boy, singing in the choir, hearing all those really tight harmonies at a young age.  That kind of jumpstarted my interest.”  Chris was a middle schooler when he first picked up the guitar.  “It kinda came natural,” he recalls.  “I never took a lesson, had no formal teaching.  It was all by ear.  From growing up, listening to it, I sort of knew what I wanted it to sound like.  It just kinda took off from there.” ChrisCauleyVoice

Chris Cauley has a been a contestant on the second season of The Voice. Based in Atlanta, GA, he has established himself in the city’s indie scene, having released an independent CD.

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