Audiowolf | The Velvet Note


Friday, January 2nd


AudioWolfAudiowolf is a band comprised of 6 high school musicians 1 middle school musician that all share one passion; music. This band started as just 2 of the members, Morgan Guerin and Merle Staten practicing in a basement sharing musical ideas for hours and hours a day. They soon realized that the music that they were creating needed to be heard and gathered a few friends from nearby high schools to create a band. At the moment, our main focus was finding a bass player for the band. Morgan and Merle knew Charles “Chuck” Collins from the Rialto Jazz for Kids program under the direction of Gordon Vernick. The 3 boys practiced every Sunday for a few hours and really grew together musically and developed an amazing friendship. A few members from the band came in contact with Rick Cook a year back when Rosermy Robinson put together a band to open up for Robert Glasper at center stage. Rick Cook is the founder of Schemes and Dreams, the Non-Profit organization that AudioWolf represents.
AudioWolf wolf is a band that is not limited to any one genre of music. When we were putting the band together, we noticed that every member of the band is inflicted by a different genre of music. The band would have members who listen to straight ahead jazz all day to members to listen to R&B/Soul type music. The 7 young musicians came together and combined all of these different styles of music and came up with the group AudioWolf.

Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm      

Admission:  $22.


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