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Alex Young

Friday, August 2nd

Singer Songwriter Alex Young, Opening Act for Madison Shea


AlexYoung2A Personal Message From Alex Young:

Hey! I’m Alex Young. Born in Delaware, raised in Alpharetta, Georgia, I started playing the piano at a very young age. When I was 13, I discovered that the guitar was much cooler….. I’ve been playing guitar ever since. For a while now, ideas for music and lyrics have been floating around in my head….. I couldn’t really get them to stop, so I started writing songs two years ago, when I was 18. I’ve written and recorded over 30 songs since then, with many more to come.

My summers consist of mowing lawns during the day, and playing music at night. I’m a student at the University of Georgia. I also enjoy water-skiing, thinking, reading, friends, and great food. And obviously writing and singing songs.AlexYoung

 I really feel like I’m just getting started with music; it’s a constant adventure… telling stories, searching inside myself for the songs that appear, sometimes out of thin air, and sometimes over the course of months. There’s really something magical about it.

 My “biography” isn’t nearly finished….I actually feel like I’m still in the first chapter. But in the meantime, maybe some people will enjoy the songs. 

 I’m hoping that you’ll smile and sing along 🙂 

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