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ZB Trio

Sunday, November 23rd

The Zach Bartholomew Trio

The Zach Bartholomew Trio (ZBT) is a young, fresh piano trio devoted to the advancement of jazz through unique original compositions and fresh takes on jazz standards. The band shows respect to the tradition of jazz while pursuing its own unique modern sound. Their plan is to advance the art of the piano trio and to inspire the music world and beyond with their take on jazz.

Watch a studio recording of ZBT HERE: 

ZBT has been performing together since 2009 when each member studied music at the Florida State University College of Music Jazz Studies program. Their sound is inspired by a lineage of heralded jazz trios they’ve studied, but is authentic and matchless due to the colors and textures each member contributes to one embodied sound.

Zach Bartholomew has a bold, distinctive approach to the piano. He uses intricate rhythms and melodic lines for developing ideas within improvising.  We loved these guys so much, we just had to bring them back!

 Showtimes:  7:00pm and 9:00pm.  Admission:  $20.

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