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Sunday, September 1st

The News Team

TheNewsTeamThese fellas met in college and they’re definitely way behind their time.  Bass, drums, guitar and saxophone come together to create a stanky-kind-of -jazz, the jazz of the streets of rogue Las Vegas, the smoky, blue-lit,  back poker rooms, the jazz of “make it a double, Sweetheart, and keep the change”. 
With their throwback fashion and their swing-, funk- and Bossa-influenced originals and interpretations, this is the music of cool cats that are up to a bit of mischief for the evening.  Keep your ears on bandleader and saxophonist Chris Suarez—you’ll hear him do something specific from the stage with his saxophone that you’ve never, ever heard before!
Showtimes:  7:00pm and 9:00pm     Tickets:  $15

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