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Taryn Newborne

Friday, March 25th

Jazz Singer Taryn Newborne

Taryn NewborneBorn in Memphis and raised in Atlanta, Taryn Newborne has been rooted deeply in the soil of a rich musical heritage. She has often said that she loves music so much, that it hurts her feelings. Her musical influences are Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Nancy Wilson, Anita Bake, Aretha Franklin, Joe Sample, Stevie Wonder, Take Six, Phineas Newborn Jr. and Calvin Newborn.

Taryn’s musical credits Taryn and the Wednesday Quintet, The Usual Suspects Big Band, Ben Bailey Music and Christian Jazz quintet, Invitation. She is also the Worship Team leader at Covenant of Peace Church where the main genre is jazz.

When she’s not singing, Taryn is a soccer mom of two sons while working outside the home as actor, choreographer, director, and theater arts teacher at Elm Street Cultural Arts Village (formerly Towne Lake Arts Center). Her favorite pastimes include pretending to be other people in musical theater and, as a member of Atlanta Swing Era Dance Association and the Atlanta Jazz Dance Preservation Society,being an avid Swing Dancer.

With Brian Hogans on Piano and Tommy Sauter on Bass

Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm.  Admission:  $23.

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