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Days Ahead

Friday, March 14th

Days Ahead


Daysahead press photoDaysahead’s  Steve & Kim Wright are described as an “electrified Tuck & Patti”, bringing new music from their upcoming project “Homebound”.  Imagine Chaka Khan & Pat Metheny creating music and jammin’ with Led Zeppelin and Prince, that’s the Daysahead sound!  A cross-genre appeal, Daysahead’s music is ear-grabbing and a pulse-moving trippy euphoria.  Strong socially-conscious lyrics that make you groove.

“The compelling voice of Kim Wright and energetic artistry of husband/guitarist Steve Wright…is a perfect marriage artistically with lyrical substance that “rocks” embroidered with the fabric of jazz, soul and occasional Latin influences…“Tuck & Patti” reincarnated in a quartet setting.” (Rob Young, Contemporary Jazz)

Showtimes:  7:30pm and 9:30pm    Admission: $20.

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