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Jessica Sanders

JessicaSandersJessica’s journey to Jazz made stops in Classic Rock, Pop, R&B, Gospel and Blues.  Growing up in California, her Panamanian father listened to classical and Latin music, as well as opera.  Her Caucasian mother, however, played Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Luther Vandross and smooth jazz whenever the stereo was on while her siblings only listened classic rock. She began performing as a child at County Fairs and talent shows, then on stages in the Bay Area and would sing any and all styles out of her genuine love of singing.  However, it was not until she came to Georgia a decade ago that her infatuation with the Blues, Gospel, and jazz became a deepened love affair and, backed by some life experience, grew some roots.  

Now, a seasoned vocalist influenced by the styles of Maysa Leak, Diane Krall, and Simone, Jessica adds a love of Latin rhythms to classic and contemporary jazz. With her sultry sounds and captivating presence, we are enamored with her passion for life and vested spiritual heart.  Her love is evident and felt through her songs, and audiences come away from her performances feeling full. 

Journey to Jazz blends classic and contemporary Jazz with the sultry vocals of chanteuse Jéssica Sanders.  Backed by an established trio of seasoned musicians (phenomenal in their own right), Journey to Jazz is a compilation of songs and influences that have shaped her love affair with Jazz.  Expect to both tap your toes and be captured in song in this Journey, all in the intimate comfort of The Velvet Note Acoustic Living Room.


Showtimes:  7:00pm and 9:00pm    Tickets:  $20

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